AW Poll: which streaming services do you use?

As part of Entertainment Week, we want to map out which music and video streaming services you are subscribed to. Also vote in the new AW Poll!

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Music and video streaming services

There are many services that allow you to stream music to your computer, tablet and of course your smartphone. Every now and then one disappears and sometimes we see a newcomer entering the world of music streaming. Still, there are only a handful of services that are extremely popular (Netflix, Apple Music) and remain while others target a smaller audience (Tidal).

In the field of streaming films, series, documentaries and more, the offer is also large. Netflix is ​​by far the most popular here, but newcomer Disney+ has also managed to win many subscribers. Of course there are also people who download movies and series with their Plex account and people who prefer gory horror (Horrify), sugary sweet romantic comedies (WithLove) or a good portion of b-movies (Fear Unlimited).

AW Poll streaming services

We are curious how popular the well-known music and video services are among Androidworld readers, but would also like to know if you have chosen a less well-known provider. We have set up two AW Polls for this. You can tick a maximum of three options per AW Poll. Vote!

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