The real highlights of the Apple keynote

Apple presented one product innovation after the other at the “Schweinsgalopp”, but what were the real highlights of the iPhone 13 and Co. for a seasoned GIGA editor like yours truly? I filter the “PR speech” and give a brief overview to have a say.

In a nutshell, what was presented, what did Apple “forget” at the event? As expected, Apple introduced the iPhone 13 (mini), iPhone 13 Pro (Max) and the Apple Watch Series 7. What was surprising, however, was the presence of the new, affordable 9th generation iPad and the completely redesigned iPad mini – actually expected for a second event in autumn. But the AirPods 3 were missing, which have already not been shown – what’s going on?

iPhone 13 and iPads are real highlights, the Apple Watch is not

My trained eye was able to make out the following highlights of the evening. First of all there is “Center Stage” in the new, cheapest iPad. Apple doesn’t do things by halves and has given the Pro feature to the cheapest iPad (from 379 euros) without compromise. Thanks to the new ultra-wide-angle front camera (12 megapixels) and the follow-up mode (Center Stage), all participants remain in focus during the video call – a “little cameraman” is built into the iPad.

The new iPad mini 6 in Video – is presentable:

Next surprise: The iPad mini 6. Here, too, Apple goes to great lengths and conjures up the iPad Air with a smaller, but not worse, 8.3-inch display. In contrast to the current Air, the new mini even contains the factory-fresh Apple A15 chip from the iPhone 13. Apple proves that it can also be done without “artificial circumcision”, if you want. The price is okay (from 549 euros), no special offer, but a premium tablet with compact dimensions.

The “new” Apple Watch 7 – also in the Video The smartwatch novelty doesn’t knock me off my stool:

It goes on to Apple Watch Series 7 … or not. Because the new design from the rumor mill turned out to be the wrong track. There is a new, larger display that also “fills the edges” and, depending on the dial, the appearance of the sauteuren Ressence watches comes close, but most fans should be a little sad.

I, too, had promised more – not a real highlight in my opinion. Speaking of which: Apple still owes us a delivery date, so the rumors about production problems were anything but exaggerated.

For me, by the way, absolutely incomprehensible: The Apple Watch Series 3 remains in the program. Really, the classic car that is already reaching its limits – not a brilliant achievement from Apple.

Really useful update for the iPhone

Absolutely worth mentioning and a highlight are against it some features of the new iPhone 13 (mini) and iPhone 13 (Pro). Just to briefly outline my personal highlight list:

  • Get even the cheapest models better, because brighter displays – 120 Hz for the pros is a cherry on top.
  • Now there are Sensor stabilization of the camera on all models – small but important detail.
  • Cinematic Mode: Finally with depth of field when playing movies, manually or in automatic mode.
  • The iPhone 13 (mini) is simply the Storage doubled at no extra charge, it starts now at 128 GB, 64 GB is history.
  • The pros can now do real macros with a close-up focus of just 2 centimeters!
  • All iPhones last longer – up to 2.5 hours.

My next smartphone in the Video:

By the way, it doesn’t get any more expensive, which is also a real highlight in my opinion. The prices are taken from the predecessor, which also remains in the range at a lower price – at least the normal iPhone 12. So nothing stands in the way of my announced purchase: iPhone 13, I’m coming!

And finally there is positive news from Apple and no more excuses for little fat guys like us: Apple Fitness + is coming to Germany this year and thus a damn cheap alternative to the extremely expensive peloton subscriptions and real fitness studios. So it is ideal to finally train off the corona bacon that has been eaten in winter.

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