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Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT is getting even more powerful and smart

With GPT-4, OpenAI has presented an update for its AI language model ChatGPT. In addition to text input, the new model should also be able to handle images in the future, making artificial intelligence even more powerful and smarter.

GPT-4: This is the latest version of the ChatGPT AI language model from developer company OpenAI. The official Product description According to the report, the chatbot should in future be able to process images as well as text input.

GPT-4: New update makes ChatGPT even more powerful and smart

This should make the improved version “more creative” and “less biased” than its predecessor GPT-3.5. With GPT-4, for example, artificial intelligence can describe images and generate eight times more text. The update also promises more security.

According to OpenAI, the probability that ChatGPT with GPT-4 will deliver more factual answers in the future is also 40 percent higher. In addition, the AI ​​should be able to provide “human-level performance in various professional and academic challenges”. This includes, among other things, top marks in bar exams.

GPT-4 currently only in the ChatGPT Plust subscription

GPT-4 is currently only available to subscribers of the ChatGPT Plus paid subscription. There is also a waiting list for the update. However, customers like Microsoft could already use the new version of the chatbot.

The company even confirmed that GPT-4 has been used within the Microsoft search engine Bing for several weeks. Meanwhile, the language app Duolingo is using the new version for better dialogue training, which is to be included in its own new and more expensive subscription.

ChatGPT: opportunity or risk?

OpenAI CTO Mira Murati revealed that a little less attention would do the company and the AI ​​good. In an interview with the magazine Fast Company she also criticized the skepticism of teachers towards the ChatGPT.

Rather, Murati described artificial intelligence as an opportunity and a tool that could help in the classroom. The background is that the school board in New York had already banned ChatGPT in public schools at the beginning of the year. Because the authority fears negative effects on the learning effect.

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