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Google is number 1 in the world for Android wearables

The Pixel Watch is doing well: Google overtook Samsung in Q4 2022 in terms of wearable sales. This is evident from an analysis by research agency Canalys. Google is therefore not in first position, because it is ahead of Apple with its Apple Watch.

Better than Samsung

Of the Android-based wearables, Google managed to reach the first position in the fourth quarter of last year. The fact that it is ahead of Samsung is quite an achievement: Samsung has been doing well with its Galaxy Watch for years and the Pixel watch is quite pricey. Especially since this is Google’s first own wearable, it will be a party at the company.

Canalys not only understands wearables as smart watches, but also fitness bands and pedometers. Google holds 8 percent of the market share, nowhere near the number one position. Apple has no less than 27.5 percent of the market share with its smart watches. Samsung has some catching up to do with Google: its market share is 5.9 percent, so it is not even third: it is fifth. Xiaomi and Huawei both outperform Samsung, including the Huawei GT Watch and Xiaomi Smart Band.

Google Pixel Watch

An interesting fact is that, in principle, Google still has a lot of room for growth. It only has its watch for sale in 9 countries, while Apple’s smart wrist assistant is sold in more than 60 countries. On the other hand, Google now owns Fitbit, which means it has many more products than just the Google Pixel Watch. Think of the Fitbit Sense, the Versa and the Inspire. According to Canalys, 880,000 units of the Pixel Watch have been shipped: lucky for Google, because Fitbit is not doing very well at all.

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We are moderately excited about Pixel Watch: “With the Google Pixel Watch, Google wanted to make an impact as it debuts in the smartwatch market. The strongest aspect of this watch is its convenient interface and navigation along with quality screen and personalizing dials. What can be a ‘deal breaker’ for users is the small size, poor battery life and sports features that lack depth and cost extra money.”

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