Apple Pay: delays for BforBank and AXA Banque

Apple Pay will arrive a little later than expected at BforBank and AXA Bank. They are among the last French banks not yet to offer support for the Apple payment system.

BforBank originally announced that it will support Apple Pay for the month of January, but there is still nothing to date. And if we base ourselves on a tweet from Monday, we will have to wait a little longer:

As for AXA Bank, support for Apple Pay was in the works in January 2020. There is nothing a year later. And yet, there is still no information on the availability date:

Customers at BforBank or AXA Bank who want Apple Pay will therefore have to wait. Meanwhile, new banks have been running Apple’s payment system since this week. There are Qonto, Sodexo, Banque Palatine and Banque Wormser Frères.

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