Apple has made a new acquisition in connection with the world of music. The iPhone maker has got its hands on Platoon, a British start-up whose mission is to discover new musical artists. Platoon has been particularly interested in emerging artists in the United States and the United Kingdom for the last two years.

This acquisition suggests that Apple wants to improve Apple Music so to introduce new artists to each of its users. Platoon knows Apple well anyway since the start-up was co-founded by Denzyl Feigelson. He worked for Apple for 15 years on projects such as the iTunes Store and the iTunes Festival, which was held annually in London with free mini-concerts by various artists.

Music Business Worldwide which unveiled the acquisition, said that Platoon will continue to operate as an independent start-up from its North London office. Apple, for its part refused to comment.

The purchase of Platoon is not the first of its kind. In October, Apple hired the staff of the American music company Asaii, which analyzes streaming music data to find popular young musicians. The company’s website said its goal was to “find the next Justin Bieber before everyone else.