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Hitman Sniper, The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle and 5 more app deals (Savings: 10,34 EUR)

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The black week is over and a few app deals have been found. Overall, however, the developers have held back very much, especially as far as the free apps are concerned. Maybe there are more presents under the virtual Christmas tree at Christmas.

Hitman Sniper

As a sniper it all depends on a good eye. The first shot should sit and fulfill the mission. If you have more than 150 missions, you can still work on your skills and test one or the other new weapon.

Reduced from 0.99 to 0.00 EUR

(537449) – ∅: 4,6

The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle

As with most point-and-click adventure puzzles, there’s a really nice graphics here too. Go on a voyage of discovery in a medieval setting and solve many puzzles.

reduced from 2.89 to 0.00 EUR

(12129) – ∅: 4.7

Freelancer Simulator: Game Developer Edition

As a Freelancer you work independently and usually fulfill smaller jobs. Also in this game you start this way. However, you have the opportunity to build a million-dollar business. Start with simple assignments, increase your abilities, and take care of your character’s health.

Reduced from 0.59 to 0.00 EUR

(6433) – ∅: 3,5

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight – Stickman Fighting

As a dark knight, you grab your sword and armor and set out on the journey. Since it is a sidescroller, the direction is of course given. Expand and upgrade both your hero’s abilities and weapons and armor.

Reduced from 1.00 to 0.00 EUR

(32533) – ∅: 4,6

Dead Bunker II HD

That a virus has broken out and contaminated a whole region, you do not really care. You enter the catacombs death-defying and face the unknown. It will be a fight for survival.

Reduced from 0.59 to 0,00 EUR

(206) – ∅: 4.0

Elopo – Icon Pack

This app is representative of almost all of the developer’s apps under the app deals. At regular intervals, he offers them for a few days for free download. Look best in the overview of the provider. Maybe there is a matching icon set for you as well.

Reduced from 0.59 to 0,00 EUR

(22) – ∅: 4.3

Mystic Guardian VIP: Old School Action RPG

This RPG makes you feel like you’re back in the 90s, and not just because of the graphics. You can play 2 characters that are completely different and also have their own story. How these end is up to you and your actions during the game.

Reduced from 3.69 to EUR

(8794) – ∅: 4.3

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