Android TV: it will soon be possible to change the program via your smartphone

Google aims to democratize its Android TV service to the entire market. Users will be able to use their smartphones through the Google Home app. This can replace your remote control in a few moments.

The feature has been official since the Google I / O conference in 2021. Within the Google TV app, it is possible to deploy a remote control on Android TVs. Now you can extend it to the Google Home mobile app. This means that now your Android TV can be controlled from your smartphone. Even though this one is an iPhone. At present, the software only makes it possible to control the connected objects of the manufacturer.

Your iPhone will be able to control your Android TV

Since the beginning of the year, Google has expressed its desire to offer a much more controlled software system. This first involves its new Pixel 6 range since the manufacturer wants to make some adjustments. The manufacturer incorporates its Tensor chip, developed in collaboration with Samsung. The functionality added to Google Home will first of all favor the iPhone since it will be possible to control an Android TV from your smartphone. At present, the company has not yet communicated on a possible release date.

With its new devices, the company seeks to democratize Pixel services on all Android phones. The virtual remote control will thus make it possible to manage Samsung, Sony or TCL televisions. Among the added features, the “Camera Switches” mode will give you the possibility to control your smartphone through your facial expressions.

The manufacturer also wants to implement updates on its tv interface. Google wants to offer free channels.

Source: 9to5Google

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