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Android 14 won’t let you install outdated apps anymore

Android 14 will be announced next year. More information has now surfaced about the latest Android version. In Android 14 it will no longer be possible to install outdated apps. It is already being discouraged by Google.

Android 14 without outdated apps

You may not be able to install applications that are out of date on devices with Android 14, according to the latest information. The clue to this has been found in the code of Android 14. Apps must meet strict API requirements that allow installation. Partly because of this, privacy and security must be significantly improved. With the current version of Android you will already see warnings if you want to download an outdated app yourself. The Google Play Store can also issue a warning for outdated apps.

If you only install apps from the Google Play Store, you may not notice much of the changes, but if you sometimes install apps from other sources, this may have consequences. Users who install an APK file themselves can run into a blockade, making it impossible to install the application. Google’s goal is to reduce the chance that someone will install and (unknowingly) forward malware. Google has been stricter about installing apps lately. For example, app developers have to focus on an ever-newer Android version in order to meet the latest requirements.

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