Android 12 still seems far away for (too) many readers

Android 12 was released on Monday and that’s big news. Quickly asking for a first impression turns out to be a difficult one: it is still too far away for many AndroidWorld readers. The new version of the operating system is also only out on Pixel phones. Yet 27 percent say that Material You and the visual innovations are positive.

What do you think of Android 12?

Android 12 has arrived, but we still don’t taste that much enthusiasm among AndroidWorld readers. Somehow it makes sense: the functions are now only available on Pixel phones and some don’t make the transition to other Android devices at all. It also always takes months before other smartphone manufacturers have adapted their Android shells to the upgraded operating system.

In our poll we asked you what your first impression is of Android 12. What do you think of Android 12? Many people appreciate the new look and Material You (27 percent), although 21 percent of the poll respondents are particularly pleased with improving the speed of telephones. 18 percent actually like the privacy options.

Few interesting improvements

There are also many people who are less thrilled: 12 percent are annoyed that Pixel phones haven’t received an update yet, and 16 percent say they don’t find the improvements in Android 12 that interesting. No one has indicated that they find any of the other features interesting, such as the new game options, one-handed operation and the extra large screenshots. 2 percent indicate that they have a different opinion.

In short, Android 12 has yet to land. This is also endorsed by users such as Neversettle and RebelwithoutaClue. Neversettle: “It is a pity that not all manufacturers (partly) take over Material You. It will probably also be because Google only makes it open source from Android 12.1 (?).” To which RebelwithoutaClue adds: “I think OS12 looks awful and it’s a shame they don’t adopt Material You. For me, that’s also the reason that I’m going to exchange my 9 Pro for a Pixel 6 Pro.”

Android 12 to OnePlus

Nepdance has more hope: “Can’t say much about it yet since it will have to come to the Oneplus 8t first, but time will tell…” Probably many people are so into it, as long as Android 12 is still an option for many. far-from-their-bed show. Another poll next week, here on AndroidWorld.

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