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The second beta version of Android 12 is ready, and it brings a lot of important functions. Google mainly focuses on privacy improvements in Android with a Pirvacy Dashboard and indicators that show when the camera is active. In this video we show all the novelties of the second Beta.

Android 12 Beta 2

In August the time has come, and then Google will launch the stable update of version 12 of Android. In the meantime we have arrived at the second Beta and it has a lot of new things in the field of privacy. We already discussed the features in detail in this article, but in this video we also show them in action.

Important is the new Privacy Dashboard in the settings. From there, you’ll see how many apps have access to the most sensitive permissions on your phone, namely: location, the camera, and microphone. You can then immediately take matters into your own hands and deny apps access. On the other hand, there are buttons in the quick settings with which you can also do that, but for all apps.

You’ll discover all the new features in the screenshot below.

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