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Aliens: Fireteam Elite – -apkrig

This spring, we learned about the existence of the Aliens: Fireteam project, and it must be said that he didn’t inspire us twice from the first shots. The cooperative shooter for three players, who face endless waves of xenomorphs, is absolutely generic from gameplay shots, and if it weren’t for famous brands, it shouldn’t be interesting.

In the flood of similar titles that are currently rushing at us, the game will definitely not be easy. The fact that the last big game adaptation of Alien was the phenomenal Alien: Isolation from 2014 does not add to the optimism, and in comparison with it, Aliens: Fireteam seems like a poor relative.

Now the novelty is applying for the floor again through a pre-order trailer, which announces two essential pieces of information – on the one hand, the release date, which falls on August 24, and on the other, a slight change of name. Newly it will be Aliens: Fireteam Elite. To make you feel like the real cream in the skin of the space marines.

You can already pre-order the result of the Cold Iron studio’s work, in addition to the basic edition, there is also a Deluxe with a whole range of cosmetic items available. The game is based on a PC and the current and previous generation of consoles.

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