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A look at the director’s smartphone at Envision Digital

In the “Homescreen!” series we take a look at the smartphones of people from the social media, marketing and tech industries – including app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to small games in between. Today: Florian Lüft, Director Sales and Marketing at Envision Digital.

Florian Lüft: Normally I don’t think too much about which apps are on my home screen and which ones I really use. Or even worse: Which ones are actually no longer used.

LinkedIn (for Android) is, in my opinion, the only social network in the business sector that I can’t do without. In contrast, the Xing app (for Android) right next to it, which will probably be thrown out soon. You will then find “moved to LinkedIn” succinctly on my profile.

A look at Florian Lüft’s smartphone

Otherwise, of course, the communication apps for telephone and messages are massively used on all channels, whether SMS, Whatsapp (for Android), Microsoft Teams (for Android) or WeCom. Plus: The little helpers for daily business like the notes app, Microsoft To-Do (for Android) which sidelined my previously heavily used Reminders app.

With EnOS charge (for Android), the charging app from Envision Digital, I manage the charging processes of my electric car so that I always have a charged battery at home and at work.

If I then still my messages app NTV (for Android), my finance apps from Oscar (for Android), the German bank (for Android), (for Android) and Coinbase (for Android) look, then the professional apps are almost over.

x The home screen of Florian Lüft, Director Sales and Marketing at Envision Digital.

Instagram as a Facebook replacement

What is still missing: Adidas Running (for Android), my faithful companion for all runs in connection with the music app, which conjures up the right sound for my ears. And: Instagram (for Android), which I use as a replacement for Facebook as the only social network to stage the photos from the camera here and there.

I was just thinking about all the things that are actually no longer on the home screen, there would be Facebook (it’s sort of gone), Twitter (I can’t keep up with all the tweets anymore), Slack (who needs Slack when you have teams hat?) and Facebook Messenger… what was that again?

That was a look at my home screen, which also shows me that not all apps that I use massively can really be found at the top. Actually exciting. But maybe that’s because of the convenience of sometimes just not wanting to rearrange.

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