9 at 9: New Android apps in the Play Store (week 28/21)

The Play Store is not taking a summer vacation and is also offering some new products this weekend. We have put together the best free apps for you in our Top 9 at 9.

My Talking Angela 2

When it comes to talking characters, this provider is an old hand, or maybe better said hangover. Instead of Tom the tomcat, there is an evolved Angela. You can sing a round with her and let her dance.

Price 0.00 EUR

(41656) – ∅: 4.6

Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator

In this building simulation you take care of a beehive. Do the tasks that bees do and watch out for other players. They can rob your stick and steal resources from you.

Price 0.00 EUR

(1291) – ∅: 4.4

Rope Pixel Master – Classic Brain Hack IQ

A puzzle can also be a little funny. You still have to use your wits if you want to lay the rope in this game. There are tons of obstacles and dangers that can quickly cut your rope.

Price 0.00 EUR

(81) – ∅: 4.5

Guess Who – Who is Die First?

For this puzzle, you should know a little about reality. Not everything can be solved physically. For some tasks, your general knowledge can also help you figure out which of the characters will be the winner and who will be the loser.

Price 0.00 EUR

(8) – ∅: 4.5

Trap Master: Merge Defense

There is treasure in your cave that every villain would like to have. To do this, he has to get past your traps first. The style of this game is a bit similar to tower defense, even if no towers are set here. Instead, your different traps are used.

Price 0.00 EUR

(299) – ∅: 4.7

Kingdom of the pirates

Pirates have to rob and plunder. In this new game you take care of your own pirate fleet, train them and use them on your raids. Discover unknown islands and build more bases.

Price 0.00 EUR

(1059) – ∅: 4.5

Aotu World – Hatsune Miku’s transition event

Are you an anime and / or manga fan? Then you should be able to make friends with the world of this game quickly. As in most RPGs, there is a world to explore and battles to be fought.

Price 0.00 EUR

(2973) – ∅: 4.3

Pop Us!

Are you one of those people who love to play with bubble wrap and just can’t help but let the air bubbles pop? Then you can use this app to design your own bubbles and make them burst again.

Price 0.00 EUR

(49) – ∅: 4.6

Punishing: Gray Raven

Humanity has once again died out and a robot army has conquered the world. As one of the few survivors, you are on a space station and are now setting out to take back the world.

Price 0.00 EUR

(9412) – ∅: 4.8

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