EA will not reveal any Star Wars game this year -apkrig

Developers from Electronic Arts are preparing their EA Play Live event for next Thursday, which we expected already during the E3 trade fair. Although EA has not been participating in the official program of the fair for several years, the presentations of their games went to the June deadline and probably the transition to online format due to the coronavirus pandemic allowed them to get a little faint with the date. Regardless, we expect more action – especially given the number of brands that EA has under it – and we’re watching all sorts of speculation about what might specifically appear on EA Playy Live. There are a lot of tips and in many points we would definitely hit – Battlefield 2042, sports titles, games from the EA Originals program and probably also the teaser Need for Speed ​​- but we can no longer bet on Star Wars.

The developers used social media accounts for their games to dispel all speculation from the mentioned university, especially those concerning the expected revelation of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2, or the continuation of the Battlefront. “We won’t be presenting any Star Wars game on EA Play Live on July 22. všichni But we’re all looking forward to celebrating next year as we share our vision for a distant galaxy,” the developers wrote clearly. Hundreds of players who commented on the report on Twitter, for example, express their disappointment, but it does not stem only from current information and does not relate only to Star Wars.

Electronic Arts has previously confirmed in a similar spirit that nothing new will be said about Mass Effect and Dragon Age, so players are asking in a slightly ironic spirit how the program will be filled. However, as I mentioned above, there can still be quite a few titles and we cannot forget the speculated game from the Dead Space series, which could, with a suitable constellation and chosen concept, overshadow all possible shortcomings of EA Play Live. From the point of view of players in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, there could be interesting information about the NHL, which was not reached during the NHL Awards at the end of June, and if EA does not really want to postpone this series to side ice, EA Play Live could be “the place” to finally talk about the new year. And golf fans will almost certainly get their money’s worth, and Electronic Arts is once again proud of itself and is embarking on a battle with the competition from 2K.

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