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7x comfy Christmas outfits for at home on the couch

Now that you’re not at your mother-in-law’s Christmas dinner this year, you can leave that impractical dress hanging in the closet. Just go for one of these comfortable home suits – great for snuggling up on the couch.

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Soft pajamas with a lot of stretch. So nice that you would want to live in it. Order it here

Do you prefer to stay in your bathrobe all day long? Then you are still nice and Christmas with this copy. Order it here

With jeans or nice sweatpants: this sweater is always possible. Order it here

Don’t you immediately get hungry for this? Order it here

These pajamas are definitely worth canceling all your plans for. Go on the couch with it. Order it here

A comfy Christmas outfit also includes matching socks. Order them here

The perfect sweater for Christmas. And after that it can be nicely put in your child’s dress-up box. Order it here

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