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60% put their phone upside down in their pocket

Three out of five Androidworld readers put their phone upside down in their pocket with the screen facing their leg. It was a crazy question, but a popular question: a lot of people filled in the AW Poll this week and we can conclude that many people like the upside-down way with the screen on the leg the most.

Phone in the pocket

The writer of this piece doesn’t understand that: how do you sit down? Does no one wear skinny jeans? Anyway, always having a bag at hand makes it more attractive to throw the phone in there. That was really only 5 percent.

After that upside down and with the screen against the body, one in five readers prefers to put their device right side up with the screen facing the leg in their pocket. Also very popular. And apparently we are afraid of danger from the outside, so that screen must be safely directed towards ourselves.

There are also people who do point the screen outwards: 4 percent have their phone right side up, and another 4 percent do the same, but with the phone upside down. 6 percent voted ‘other’. Kaspar, for example, puts it in a completely different place: “Simply from upright in the hand upside down, screen inwards in the back pocket. I have about the largest device imaginable (Samsung S22 Ultra) and it fits perfectly.”

AW Poll

And then of course you also have people with a folding phone. joel_zhou: “I have a Flip 4 so that is slightly different, I put the cover screen to my leg and the charging port to the side.” And Mark.v69: “Folded in my right pocket, with the charging port facing up (I do have a dust cap on it since I always charge my phone wirelessly).”

Der Rudy prefers the cowboy way: “In a belt pouch, of course. Then you don’t get worn pockets and it is well protected.” Is that old fashioned? Cashje thinks so, Rudi thinks not: “That is indeed 1995, but everything comes back again, so this will be back in fashion in no time. :)”

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Hopefully, protecting your phone is always in fashion. So sustainable, and life is expensive enough, isn’t it? Thanks for participating, see you next week!

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