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60% of readers have never used reverse wireless charging

60% of readers have never used reverse wireless charging

If you buy a new phone, reverse wireless charging is not exactly a huge attraction. 60 percent of Androidworld readers have never used it. Now that may also be because their phone may not be able to do it, but the enthusiasm for reverse wireless charging seems to be few.

Reverse wireless charging

No reader indicates in the poll that they use every day or every few days. With reverse wireless charging, you can use your phone to charge your earbuds, or your wearable, or even another phone. Very handy, but we often have a socket in our neighborhood and therefore don’t seem very keen on it. In addition, it affects the battery life of your smartphone, which sometimes doesn’t even make it to the end of the day. In short, it is not very surprising that we are not en masse on reverse wireless charging.

Yet we certainly have experience experts among our readers. 21 percent indicate that they charge reverse wirelessly a few times a year. One in ten readers do it once or twice every few months. At 6 percent this is once or twice a month and then there are also some more hardcore users of reverse wireless charging: 3 percent use this option every week.

AW Poll

Kees030 regrets that his smartphone can’t do it: “My phone can’t do it and I miss that to charge a smartwatch on the go.” RobinH1608 uses it at work: “On rare occasions, charge my watch at work with this.” Stvaarwerk mainly uses reverse wireless charging socially: “Very sometimes. If a friend happens to have a cell phone that is low in %.”

pintoil learned something with this poll: “You have to activate it first (Nothing Phone can do that), ah I didn’t know.” So, are you going to use it now?

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When using reverse wireless charging, be aware that the battery of your own device can deteriorate considerably. You will always see: if you have just filled your earplugs, your phone with the music on it will cut out.

Which contains music anyway, that is the new poll. Next week you will find him here at Androidworld. Until then!

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