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5 reasons to buy the new MacBook Pro 2023 (ADV)

The latest MacBook 2023 is out and you can be the first to order this powerful laptop from Amac. We give five reasons to buy the latest MacBook Pro!

MacBook Pro 2023 now available to order at Amac

Amac is an expert in Apple products. The store’s trained staff have the knowledge and expertise to help you make the right choice. Amac also offers excellent after-sales service. Whether it concerns advice or repairs, Amac is ready to help you.

The MacBook Pro 2023 will be available from January 24, but can already be pre-ordered at Amac. In this article, we explain why we’re so excited about Apple’s latest laptop and list five reasons to buy the MacBook Pro 2023.

1. It’s the fastest laptop ever

The latest MacBook Pro is powered by a powerful processor: the M2 Pro or M2 Pro Max. It is the fastest chip ever in a laptop. With a fast processor, lots of memory and great graphics performance, the MacBook Pro 2023 can easily handle demanding tasks. Think of working with complex 3D models or tasks such as 8K video editing.

The processor has a 10-core or 12-core CPU and provides about 20 percent better performance than the previous generation MacBook Pro. And that was already a beast of a machine. This makes the MacBook Pro suitable for creative professionals as well as students looking for a mobile powerhouse for home and school.

2. It has the most beautiful design

No other Apple laptop has screen edges as thin as the MacBook Pro: 3.5 millimeters. To make this possible at the top, the MacBook Pro has a notch there. For example, the 180 FaceTime HD camera can be placed at the top of the screen. The housing is made of aluminum. This not only looks nice, but is also sturdy and durable.

3. It’s the MacBook with the best battery life

If you’re going out with a 16-inch MacBook Pro 2023, you won’t have to worry about a socket for the time being. Despite its powerful performance, the laptop has a battery life of – hold on – 22 hours, according to Apple! This means that the latest laptop has the best battery life ever in a MacBook.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro is slightly smaller – so it also fits a smaller battery. But you can also get through the day with this laptop, because the battery life is 18 hours. That’s an hour longer than the previous-generation 14-inch MacBook Pro. According to Apple, the better performance is due to the new M2 processors that have become more efficient.

4. Lots of connections

With a MacBook Pro you can go on the road without an adapter. In addition to the three USB-C ports, there is also – unlike the Air – a port for HDMI. This way you can quickly connect your MacBook to an external screen, without being dependent on an adapter. Apple has also thought of photographers and filmmakers, because you can easily transfer photo and video files via the SD card slot.

5. The most beautiful screen

If you open the MacBook Pro 2023, you’ll be greeted by a stunning screen of mini-LED technology. Small LED light sources are placed behind the pixels that can be switched on and off. This gives a much better contrast, a brighter screen and deeper blacks.

The display also has ProMotion, just like the iPhone 14 Pro. This allows the screen to refresh up to two times faster for smoother images. If you watch a movie or read a text, the refresh rate will go down to save the battery.

Order the MacBook Pro from Amac

The new MacBook Pro 2023 models are available from 2449 euros. If you order it now from Amac, you will receive the laptop first. The first models will be delivered on Friday 24 January. Not sure which MacBook is right for you? Amac’s trained employees are ready to give you personal advice – online or in one of the 50 Amac stores. There you can also view the brand new MacBook Pro in real life from January 24.

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