4ka: Come to us and get a long-term discount

With the arrival of summer, the Slovak mobile operator 4ka has prepared an offer for new customers, with which they will save. Specifically € 2 per month. All they have to do is transfer their number. The operator informed about the event through a press release.

The event lasts from 21.6. to 30.9.2021. All they have to do is transfer their current number from their current operator to 4ky via the official 4ky eshop. Subsequently, all you have to do is choose one of the supported flat rates and the customer will receive a long-term discount of € 2 from the price of the SLOBODA + or SLOBODA DÁTA flat rates.

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The 4ka operator attracts customers especially for an excellent price-to-volume ratio. For example, the SLOBODA∞ + package offers unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and unlimited data (maximum 300 GB) for € 20.

Our SLOBODA packages offer exactly what customers want. Large amounts of data, which will be used to share all experiences with friends, family or the world around you without any restrictions and now also at a better price, because they are 2 euros cheaper.

Andrea Čagalová, the manager who is behind the FREEDOM of 4 customers.

Current overview of lump sums with a summer advantage for number portability:

11 GB in the Slovak Republic (of which 3.78 GB in the EU) 16 GB in the Slovak Republic (of which 3.78 GB in the EU) Endless data in the Slovak Republic (of which 3.78 GB in the EU) Unlimited volume of data in the Slovak Republic
100 min/SMS v SR/EÚ 300 min/SMS v SR/EÚ endless SMS / MMS in SR / EU Calls and SMS for the price of € 0.04 in the Slovak Republic / EU
8 eur 12 eur 20 eur 12 eur

Complete wording of the offer NUMBER TRANSMISSION BONUS can be found at 4ka.sk in section Number portability.

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