You must have this if your child loves dinosaurs


This puzzle not only teaches your toddler to place the shapes in the correct squares, he also immediately learns the different dinosaur types (which you have to chew him up).

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Play mat


The boxes and plants have seen your child’s dinosaurs by now, so they can mark a whole new territory on this play mat. You also get nine new dinosaurs and two beautiful trees with the set.

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Rocking animal


Your toddler will swing happily on this dino and it’s so nice: fortunately, with its green-brown color it does not stand out.

Climb up and hold on: ready for a ride?

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Base camp


In this great Playmobil base camp, your child can close the portcullis and use his laser weapon to keep the dinosaurs out.

But perhaps the most spectacular is the glow-in-the-dark function: as soon as it shines with its flashlight on the crystals, jungle plants and the test tube, they glow in the dark.

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A great gift for your dinofan and you can count on it that you will not see it again for the rest of the day. The tent has a high point and is more than one meter wide.

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It would give you nightmares, but your child will sleep like a baby under this cool dinosaur duvet.

It is made of cotton and therefore feels nice and soft. Also nice: the tuck-in strip is extra long.

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The game for your mini-me, because it teaches him all kinds of fun facts about his favorite animals.

Order the quartet game here.

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