At Teufel you only get first-class Christmas offers for a short time. You will be offered plenty of good deals in the area of ​​loudspeakers, home cinema systems and headphones. We have summarized the highlights for you here.

Teufel Xmas Deals: These 15 Christmas offers are worth it

The Berlin company Teufel stands for first-class sound in loudspeakers, home cinema systems, soundbars and headphones. Normally, however, the devices are not exactly cheap. At Teufel, you can still get big discounts and great audio deals after Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday (see Teufel offers). If you are looking for the perfect home cinema sound, you will quickly find what you are looking for here and can save a lot. With the coupon code VKF-9HDB-UWI you can also save on shipping costs until December 22nd, 2022.

To the Christmas offers at Teufel

If you don’t want to do without really good sound when watching a film at home, you should take a look at the home cinema sets:

  • Anyone who relies on a compact 2.1 system for home cinema should get the Stiftung Warentest award Cinebar 11 including subwoofer for only 299.99 euros (instead of 449.99 euros) at Teufel. Here you get 8 long-throw drivers, 8 power amplifiers, a 2-way system and a wirelessly controlled T 6 subwoofer at an extremely reasonable price. The soundbar is of course Dolby Vision compatible.
  • That Ultima 40 5.1 surround set for 699.99 euros (instead of 999.99 euros) consists of a subwoofer, two bookshelf speakers, a center speaker and two floor-standing speakers.
  • If you’re short on space for a 5.1 surround set, then this is the way to go Concept E 450 Digital for 499.99 euros (instead of 699.99 euros) with a large subwoofer but small speakers.
  • Is a compact 2.1 system enough for you? Then that should Teufel Concept C with Bluetooth for 299.99 euros (instead of 399.99 euros) may be right for you.
  • But also the slim one Cinebar Lux was sold at 599.99 euros (instead of 899.99 euros) reduced. The soundbar with 3D support has an integrated subwoofer, four passive bass membranes and an HDMI connection with ARC/CEC support.
  • If only two large floorstanding loudspeakers are enough, you can also opt for the Ultima 40 for 299.99 euros (instead of 499.99 euros).
  • You can get the smaller version of the Ultima 40 much cheaper. This is about the Ultima 20 bookshelf speakers for 199.99 euros (instead of 249.99 euros).

In the following video we show you what you should consider when buying soundbars:

Premium loudspeakers on sale at Teufel

  • A highlight in the sale is certainly the test-winning speaker Rockster Cross, which is currently only 279.99 euros (instead of 349.99 euros). The Bluetooth stereo speaker is jet-proof, shockproof and, according to the manufacturer, has a battery life of up to 16 hours. The Stiftung Warentest evaluates the Rockster Cross with the note “very good” (1.4). The testers were particularly impressed by the sound (1.0) and the stability (1.0). So exactly the two things that are particularly important in a portable Bluetooth speaker.
  • The portable mini Bluetooth stereo speaker is a bit smaller, fits in any backpack and is therefore extremely flexible to use. With Bluetooth aptX for music streaming, a speakerphone and up to 16 hours of battery life. Of the Motiv Go speaker from Teufel is now available for 179.99 euros (instead of 249.99 euros).
  • An alternative for the outdoor area is the Rockster Go for 119.99 euros (instead of 149.99 euros). The device is waterproof according to IPX7 and the rubberized housing offers protection against bumps.
  • Even handier: The Boomster Go is at 69.99 euros (instead of 99.99 euros) reduced. Don’t let the small size fool you, because it also offers protection against environmental influences with a waterproof and rubberized housing, ensures high levels without distortion with a full-range and two passive bass drivers and offers a battery life of up to 10 hours.
  • Small DAB/FM clock radio with Bluetooth and AUX input: Teufel Radio One for 99.99 euros (instead of 169.99 euros).
To the Christmas offers at Teufel

Teufel headphones & ear buds with and without ANC

  • With a big discount you get just that Supreme In-Bluetooth headphones for 49.99 euros instead of 119.99 euros.
  • the “Real Blue NC” for 149.99 euros (instead of 229.99 euros) have “Active Noise Cancelling” (ANC) and a transparency mode that allows you to hear outside noise. Total playing time will be 55 hours without ANC and over 41 hours with ANC.
  • There’s a whopping 44 percent discount when you buy the Teufel cage gaming headsetsbecause this is just from 169.99 euros to only 95 euros reduced. An offer that is not only interesting for gamers, because the headset, which is compatible with consoles, PCs, smartphones and tablets, is also suitable for everyday use in the home office for video conferences.

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