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Hacking games are never enough. Fortunately, a new game will appear here and there, which will try to exploit the considerable potential of the topic. The Slovak studio Lotus Innovations, which under the leadership of Peter Pač, is publishing a preliminary version of the World Wide Hack hack simulation, intends to fill the hole in the market.

Don’t expect anything downright surprising. The game will make you a hacker who can only affect events on a huge scale with the help of code and various widgets. The game is driven forward by a story revolving around QuanTech, the secrets of which you will discover. It will be up to you whether you use the information obtained to protect others or for your own benefit.

The creators made sure that the feeling of hacking was authentic. Although they are based on real cyber security practices, the game does not explicitly teach you to hack into other people’s computers. The author simply wanted to provide an authentic experience, but not to bore players with real procedures and lengthy programming (and it would probably not be appropriate to publicly educate criminals, although, as we know, hacking can be legal and generally beneficial).

The interesting thing about World Wide Hack is that the developers call it an MMO. So you play in a world shared with other players, with whom you can cooperate and compete in various disciplines, while no one will prevent you from solitary passage through the game.

As mentioned in the introduction, hacking is currently in preliminary access on Steam, in which it is to remain 6-12 months.

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