Will Motorola come with two Razrs this year?

Will Motorola come with two Razrs this year?

Motorola is gearing up for the unveiling of the new Razr phone, but it turns out there are two of them. New renders also show a Razr Lite. Here’s what we know about the device so far.

Motorola Razr+

Rumors keep coming about the new Motorola Razr and the company itself has already indicated that it will indeed be there. This phone would be called Razr +, which is a nice innovation compared to previous Razr’s, which always get the year of release for clarity. The Razr Plus has a large screen on the outside. However, there is more than just that Razr+.

Razr Lite would be a new, second device of which OnLeaks has already developed renders. The Lite is a considerably smaller device, especially compared to its predecessors. There is of course a screen on the outside, but it only covers a quarter of the surface. For both foldable phones, the screen is located around the cameras, which is somewhat similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Razr Lite

It is expected that the Lite version of this Razr is also somewhat ‘lighter’ in terms of specifications. The processor will be a little less high-end, the memory a little less, and who knows, it might even be lighter in weight. However, that is all guesswork: it is still completely unknown what this device entails. We only have the renders to look at.

We previously wrote about the Razr + that we see that it is a huge step forward. The large screen at the back is especially striking, but also a new interface and a full-fledged app launcher, for example. It seems that Motorola wants to do things differently this year, especially with the Lite. When we will hear more about it, however, is still unknown.

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