Why Twitch comes up with unnecessarily sexy hot tub category

Twitch is launching a new category in which Hot Tubs and Pools are central, but it does not do that wholeheartedly, rather out of necessity.

Streaming platform Twitch has something new, namely the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category. Now all gamers on Earth are wondering what the almost exclusively gamer-oriented platform with the unnecessarily naked category is doing. However, it has recently become apparent that there is hardly any other solution; bikini streams are getting out of control and this seems like the only solution.

Twitch embraces hot tubs

The category came out of necessity, after mainly attractive women found a loophole in the Twitch policy, the platform explains. Twitch rules allow streamers to show nudity and bikinis ‘in appropriate situations’. Nudity especially applies to body painting and there are strict rules. But the bikini rule applies to the beach, the pool and yes, a hot tub.

Attention-hungry streamers flocked to sit in an inflatable pool in their studio. And the funny thing is, the undoubtedly predominantly male viewers flocked to such streams. It got so bad that seemingly unknown, nothing-adding new streamers became wildly popular in no time. But only in a bikini.

Back to normal?

Now Twitch is forced to ‘ban’ such Hot Tubs streams into the new category. In this way, this obviously challenging content (usually titled ’18 + ‘) remains in one category. This prevents one such streamer – often condescendingly or referred to with a wink as Twitch thot – while playing Minecraft, for example, also robbing all other ‘normal’ streamers of viewers.

On the other hand, such streamers also receive a lot of negative attention, again from male viewers. Sexism is the order of the day with such streams. Sometimes that is understandable, but sometimes completely out of the ordinary. Again, the category helps with that.

According to Twitch, it is also a temporary solution. The loophole will remain and the nudity policy will not be changed. The platform does not clarify exactly what long-term plans entail.

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