Vortex # 183 | Rating of PlayStation Showcase, Star Trek by George Lucas and interview with Kristýna Sulková -apkrig

We won’t miss our vidcast this Monday either, and hopefully we can make the start of the new week a little more pleasant for you. In addition to mishmash, this time we have three main topics. The first is a recollection of the Star Trek game from Lucasfilm Games, which was never created. In the next block, we will discuss news and announcements from PlayStation Showcase. Finally, the whole conversation revolves around our occasional contributor Kristýna Sulková and her interest in game dubbing and music.

List of topics

03:51 – Star Trek by George Lucas

27:01 – PlayStation Showcase

1:02:46 – Interview with Kristýna Sulková

1:40:55 – The final mishmash

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