To Norway in the winter? These are the best tips for you and your family

To do

Dream slopes
From the plateau, towards Geilo, you will find a nice slope for children of all ages. The slopes for adults are also beautiful in Geilo.

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You have complete freedom with cross-country skiing and it is easy to do with a sled. Start from the hotel, practice in Geilo. You don’t need routes, just go!

Follow the snowploughs on the Hardangervidda, a white road through a gigantic nature reserve. You walk over the vast frozen lakes and endless plains, with views that we never get enough of.

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Primal power
The waterfall Vøringsfossen is a picture with and without snow.

Not far from the waterfall you will find the village of Eidfjord, near a beautiful fjord. With a bit of luck there will be a thick cruise ship, but even without it makes a nice picture.

Husky tour
We recommend a dog sled ride through the forest and over a frozen lake. Afterwards you eat around a campfire.

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Between the locals
On the plateau you can eat waffles at Dyranut Fjellstova, a hotel. Very nice, you are there among the Norwegians.

Gourmet food
The hotel’s kitchen has its own Instagram account where you can see with your own eyes how fantastic the food is, especially the beautiful desserts. You can also eat here if you are not a hotel guest, but make sure to book in advance. The mocha coffee is also recommended.

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