This tool shows you when you reach your maximum

This tool shows you when you reach your maximum

With increasing experience, the salary also increases. As a rule, however, there is also an end at some point: But when do people reach their maximum salary? To answer this question, the online job platform Stepstone recently published the salary potential calculator.

The tool allows workers to compare their potential peak salary and the age at which they can reach it. In addition, they can not only predict how their salary will develop over the course of their career, but also compare it with other industries and professional fields.

According to Stepstone, the calculation is based on more than 250,000 real salary records from the in-house salary planner. This includes data from January 2019 to September 2020. The information relates to the average annual gross salary excluding variable salary components, the announcement goes on to say.

While the salary level for young professionals aged 21 is still relatively similar on average according to analyses, the salary gap widens very quickly and widens with increasing age.

Salary maximum: women at 41, men at 52

Salary development: Education and industry decide when the salary peaks. (Screenshot: t3n)

Most people reach their highest salary mid-career. The maximum salary of employees is influenced by a combination of different factors – for example, the employee’s own education, professional experience and gender as well as the industry and the location of the employer.

Gender has a particularly decisive influence on when and at what salary people reach their maximum salary: women reach their maximum salary on average at the age of 41, men at 52.

There are reasons for this, according to Stepstone analyst André Schaefer: “By the time they turn 40, many people decide whether they want to take on personnel responsibility or not,” says the salary expert. “More and more men are taking on management positions. This increases your salary even more.”

However, the average earnings of men are consistently higher than those of women until they reach retirement age. “Our analyzes show that the salary expectations of women are often significantly lower than those of men, even with the same qualifications.”

Employees who are not paid collectively have to negotiate their salary regularly and need guidance to do so. With the help of Salary Potential Calculator According to Stepstone, they can compare even better whether the salary is in line with market standards at a certain point in time.

“We advise those who want to earn more to continue their education or take on personnel responsibility. Changing jobs also usually pays off financially,” says André Schaefer. In fact, according to HR consultancy Robert Half, changing jobs is the most influential reason for a higher salary.

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