This smart home toilet has everything you don’t need in the bathroom

This smart home toilet has everything you don’t need in the bathroom

The US company Kohler has launched a smart home toilet that brings numerous technical features into the bathroom. These include the language assistant Alexa and a sound system. Cost point: around 11,000 euros.

Already been to the toilet today? Normally, our visit to the loo is not considered particularly spectacular, but rather a must. Wouldn’t it be bad if our toilet could own us? The US company Kohler must have asked something similar.

Because the company’s sanitary experts have now developed a toilet that can probably be described as a throne. Because the quiet place named “Numi 2.0 Smart Toilet” has everything that hardly anyone should have missed on the toilet. In addition to an Alexa integration, there are a number of LEDs that transform going to the toilet into a light show.

Smart home toilet plays favorite songs via sound system

But that’s not all. Because the smart home toilet from Kohler also has its own sound system that allows you to play songs from Spotify and Co. In addition to these rather unusual features, there are also some that are actually related to your own business.

An electronic bidet makes it possible to clean the intimate area. Adjustable pressure and a temperature controller should ensure a pleasant feeling. Thanks to an automatic flush, the owners never have to do anything themselves. And if it takes longer, there is even adjustable seat heating.

Going to the toilet of the future: from EUR 10,800

The smart home toilet can also reduce disputes in the household. Because the lid opens and closes automatically. Potential for conflict: zero. In addition to voice control via Alexa, the toilet can also be operated by remote control. However, it is unclear whether the system is compatible with the Matter smart home standard.

What is known, however, is the price of royal toileting. One model costs $11,500. That is currently about 10,800 EUR. So if you want to modernize your little place, the right technology is now available. If that’s too much for you, you can just go to the toilet as normal.

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