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These 10 cities lure with the highest salaries

Make big money abroad? This is a dream of many expatriates. But how much can you actually earn in other countries? In our weekly ranking, we show you the ten cities that attract emigrants with the highest salary.

Almost 970,000 people emigrated from Germany in 2020 and tried their luck abroad. There are various possibilities for German skilled workers. German language skills are currently in demand, especially in London. Numerous advertisements therefore lure with attractive salaries.

Emigration and Salary: What is the salary in other countries?

The language and e-learning platform Preply has examined 1.5 million job advertisements as part of an analysis. The study showed in which cities abroad German-speaking professionals can earn the most salaries. In the following ranking we present the results.

10th place: Miami

Tenth place in the ranking goes to Miami at the southern tip of Florida. Important sectors of the economy such as medical technology, the food industry, construction and logistics are located there. Meanwhile, German-speaking professionals in Miami earn an average of up to 70,000 euros per year.

10th place: Miami. ( / Ryan Parker)

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