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There is a new iPhone 14 (Plus)

The time has come: the iPhone 14 (Plus) is now available in a new color! iPhoned tells you everything you need to know about this summery iPhone 14, in yellow.

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iPhone 14 (Plus): now in yellow

After several rumors, the time has come. Apple has launched the iPhone 14 with a new color from today. When you now buy an iPhone 14 (Plus), you also have the choice of an iPhone in yellow!

In addition to the new color, Apple has not changed anything on the device. The hardware is therefore exactly the same as with the existing iPhone 14 models. In addition to the new color, the iPhone 14 (Plus) is also available in blue, purple, black, white and red. The iPhone 14 Pro iPhones are also available in purple, gold, white and black.

iPhone 14 (Plus) in brief

The iPhone 14 in yellow looks brand new on the outside thanks to the fresh color, but the hardware on the inside has remained the same. As with the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 has a 6.1-inch screen. In addition, the device also has the A15 Bionic processor. You may remember that chip from its predecessor (although that chip is now somewhat faster).

iphone 14 (plus) colors

The most important innovations at a glance

Yet there are also the necessary innovations with the iPhone 14. The cameras are a bit better than those of the iPhone 13, so that even better photos can be shot, especially in low light. In addition, the selfie camera has a larger aperture (for more depth of field) and autofocus. Also new is the Accident Detection function, where the device informs the emergency services when you have been involved in a car accident.

iphone 14 yellow

The iPhone 14 Plus (now also in yellow) has almost the same specifications as the regular iPhone 14, but it is only a bit larger. This device has the dimensions of an iPhone 14 Pro Max (so a screen of 6.7 inches). In addition, the battery of the iPhone 14 Plus is also a lot larger. That makes sense, because the screen is also a bit larger.

The best battery life

In fact, Apple says the new iPhone 14 Plus has the best battery life ever of a standard iPhone. Apple indicates the battery life (among other things) with the number of hours that you can play videos. With the regular iPhone 14 that is 20 hours, with the iPhone 14 Plus you can go 26 hours ahead.

Purple and green iPhone already preceded

This isn’t the first time Apple has added a new color to a lineup. Usually this happens about six months after the first release. Last year (on March 8), the company came up with green shades for the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) and iPhone 13 (mini). In April 2021, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini received a new purple color.

iPhone 13 Alpine Green

Buy iPhone 14 (Plus) yellow

At the end of this week you can pre-order the yellow iPhone 14 (Plus) from March 10 (14:00). The new iPhone will then actually be for sale on March 14. Be quick, because in the past the new colors sold out quickly.

The new iPhone 14 (Plus) is for sale at Apple and various online stores. We have already listed the shops for you where you can buy the new iPhone in yellow.

iPhone 14 loose:

iPhone 14 subscription:

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