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Apple Maps gets a major upgrade in iOS 15. The app has a fresh look and several new tricks have been added. In this article we take a trip through the best new features of Apple Maps.

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Apple Maps in iOS 15: New Features

With the upgrade to iOS 15, several apps have gained new features and Apple Maps is no exception. Time to check out what’s new.

Information from public transport is much better

Public transport is shown more clearly in Apple Maps. You will also see more options when you map out a certain route on your iPhone. With Apple Maps in iOS 15 you can also pin a train or bus connection in your overview. This way you always have the corresponding train times at hand. Now all you have to do is hope that your train is not delayed.

New Apple Maps view

One of the first innovations you see is the new look. The maps are more detailed and the colors are different: the street names have a new look and the map looks greener. In addition, the main roads are now gray and not the yellowish color they used to be in iOS 14.

iOS 15 Maps Globe

Globe in 3D

When you zoom out far enough in Apple Maps, you see something new: a globe appears on your screen. By swiping with your finger you give the globe a spin.

By default, the map is set to the ‘Explore’ option, but check the other view as well. To switch the card, tap the card icon at the top right. Then select the option ‘Satellite’. You then get to see the day and night cycle of the earth. Cool!

Too bad: the globe requires an A12 Bionic chip, so you’ll need an iPhone XR or newer.

More choice in cards

With the previous version of Apple Maps, you could choose from three types of maps. In iOS 15, there are now four maps. These are ‘Explore’, ‘Car’, ‘Ov’ and ‘Satellite’. The card ‘Car’ has therefore been added. With the new map you can see how busy it is on the road at the moment.

Apple Maps profile

City view in 3D

In some cities around the world, Apple Maps has been given a special 3D view. In this view you see all the buildings and height differences on the map. This view makes navigating easier, because you see the environment more clearly.

It is a pity that the 3D view is currently only available in London, New York and San Francisco. Apple will also roll out the display to other cities later this year. When will the position come to the Netherlands or Belgium? No idea. But if you happen to be going to London soon, you can use the feature.

Apple Maps City View 3D

Profile and Settings

You may have already noticed, at the bottom right you now see your profile picture. When you tap on it, you can set your favorite locations and your preferences, among other things. Here you also indicate, for example, that you want to avoid toll roads. Most of these options can now be found in Apple Maps. For the most common options, you no longer have to search in the Settings of your iPhone.

More news in iOS 15

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