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The erotic horror film Lust from Beyond will be released in February -apkrig

Please note that the following material is not suitable for minors.

The erotic horror film Lust from Beyond was originally supposed to be released this year. The deadline has shifted several times and at the moment it will probably not surprise anyone that the developers from the Polish studio Movie Games Lunarium will not be able to do it by the end of the year. Instead, they announced that the game would be released on February 11th. It happened through a new trailer, which is not overflowing with completely new shots, but a few fresh scenes flash in it.

At the moment, the title is aimed only at Steam, because the authors currently focus exclusively on the PC version. However, the head of the studio, producer and game designer Michał Ciastoń indicated in a recent interview that many consolists should start to look forward to it, although they certainly cannot do without censorship, which he also criticized in the same interview.

Past lust with a discount

Unfortunately, we do not know the price of Lust from Beyond yet. It is worth remembering that the game has received two relatively generous demos. The first is subtitled Prologue and is a piece full of games. The second with the subtitle Scarlet then came up with its own hero and a short story, which is independent of the full version. Both playable demos are still available on Steam.

In addition to them, you will also find the previous game of the studio, which is not the first work in the true sense of the word, but has taken players into the same world and has similar gameplay. Lust for Darkness is currently sold with a 90% discount on both PC and Mac and costs only 1.5 euros.

The local fictional world of Lusst’ghao was inspired by the works of Lovecraft, Giger and Beksiński.

We are responsible for Lust from Beyond on a regular basis, so we will only remember the most important things. The game has been successfully campaigned on Kickstarter and will take us to a mysterious Victorian mansion where the cult of ecstasy is at home. The authors promise a mix of eroticism, horror and action full of logical puzzles, in which the main character Victor Holloway tries to figure out why he is haunted by disturbing visions.

The local fictional world of Lusst’ghao was inspired by the works of Lovecraft, Giger or Beksiński, and from all the previous examples it seemed that the novelty would significantly improve technically and with its playability compared to Lust for Darkness. Although the community of fans looking for more eroticism in the games, the first Lust was quite praising, he took more or less average marks from the reviews and the result was that the authors need to gain more experience.

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