The best smart home Christmas gifts from Aqara [Anzeige]

The best smart home Christmas gifts from Aqara [Anzeige]

If you are still looking for the right Christmas gifts for your loved ones, our gift guide will help you with the best Smart Home Christmas gifts. We present current offers and deals from Aqara.

Who is Aqara?

Aqara is a leading provider of smart home products. What’s special: The company supports Matter and has worked with the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) and key players like Apple, Google and Samsung on early testing programs to ensure a smooth transition to the new standard.

Aqara users are expected to access Matter via the Aqara Hub M2 through an OTA (over-the-air) update starting in December 2022, making more than 40 Aqara Zigbee devices compatible with Matter.

4 smart home Christmas gifts from Aqara

Aqara products are worth trying! And Christmas is the ideal time to give away individual products. This is how you can expand the smart home devices of your loved ones.

1st offer: Aqara 2K security door camera for 99.99 euros

Every smart home system includes a camera. the Aqara 2K security door camera can recognize your face and greet you when you come home, or add security by sending a mobile notification when an unfamiliar face is detected at your home. You can also trigger preset actions with five different gestures – a new and unique feature not available in similar products from other brands.


In addition, the security door camera convinces with a pan and tilt function, auto-cruising, people and pet tracking, compatibility with HomeKit, Alexa and Google as well as cloud storage and optional local storage.

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2nd offer: Aqara Smart Radiator Thermostat E1 for 62.90 euros

Nowadays it is particularly important to save energy. And that is exactly what the Aquara supports E1 radiator thermostat. For example, if the thermostat is connected to the Aqara door and window sensor, it will turn off the heating when it detects that the door or window is open or no movement is detected for a while.



In addition, you can set custom schedules for the time periods you want, like day or night, so you don’t heat up your house when no one is around.

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3rd offer: Aqara Smart Home Central M2 for 44.19 euros

Every smart home also has a suitable control center. With the Aqara Smart Home Central M2 you can connect all Aqara devices together to create a complete smart home system. The Aqara Smart Home Central M2 is equipped with a built-in speaker that can be used in various ways: security alerts, doorbell, alarm clock and configurable ringtones.



The M2 also supports a wired Internet connection via Ethernet, which offers additional stability and faster response times for your smart home.

To the Aqara Smart Home Central M2

4. Offer: Aqara Smart Feeder C1 for 109.99 euros

Of the Aqara Smart Feeder C1 is a four liter automatic feeder for approximately 16 cups of food, ideal for cats and small to medium sized dogs. With the automation function of the Aqara Home app, you don’t have to limit the amount of food, but can dose the food according to your pet’s habits. The included desiccant bag ensures the food stays fresh and crispy.



So, the automatic feeder ensures that you can feed your pets anytime, anywhere. Users can also connect the Pet Feeder to the G3 camera to check the consumption of pet food after it has been dispensed.

For the Aqara Smart Pet Feeder C1

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