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Steam Winter Sale Top 5 bargains to end the year

Steam is always generous at Christmas, as the current Steam Winter Sale shows. We made a diverse selection of must-have toppers.

The Steam Winter Sale has started and that means unprecedented bargains for everyone. The summer and winter sales of the PC platform are known for the huge amount of goodies. To create a little order in the chaos; today we’ve selected five games (or franchises) where you get exceptional value for exceptionally little money.

Steam Winter Sale for everyone

If you miss your favorite game, let everyone know in the comments! Furthermore, there is of course something tasty for everyone during the Steam Winter Sale. That is why we have chosen a diverse selection of games so that there is something for (almost) everyone. Let’s go!

Bioshock: The Collection – € 11.99 (80% off)

Anyone who has never played Bioshock is missing an iconic franchise. During the Steam Winter Sale you can check all three games from the series for a mere twelve euros. As a bonus, you get all the DLC and the first two games (from 2007 and 2010 respectively) have been remastered. In other words, extra good graphics, extra low price.

The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition – $ 14.99 (70%)

No Steam sale goes by without offering The Witcher 3 for next to nothing. The gigantic yet masterful RPG including all DLC is available for the price of an average indie game. Right now that’s a boon, given that many gamers may have been disappointed by Cyberpunk 2077. So the developer made The Witcher 3, their masterpiece so far, and if I had to choose, Geralt would beat V anyway!

The Sims 4 – $ 4.79 (88% off)

Of course it does not have to be about shooting and chopping and sawing. For the casual player, for example, there is still The Sims 4. Currently, the life simulator is not coming, or the perfect moment to step in. The game’s earnings model is actually quite nauseous, because there are countless (very expensive) expansions for the game to buy. Fortunately, those pieces of extra content are now available for 50% of the price!

Cities: Skylines – $ 6.99 (75%)

For the strategists among us, there is of course also Cities: Skylines. If you like city builders then this is simply a must have! It is a spiritual successor to SimCity but more refined, deeper and roughly better. Again, there is a lot of extra content available. Again you get a 50% discount on all DLC. That does not mean that even the basic game is a real pleasure. And with Steam’s mod integration, you can actually expand the game indefinitely.

DIRT Rally 2.0 – € 4.99 (75% off)

Finally, a racing game to cover just about all genres. DIRT is a wonderful combination between the simulation of a Forza, with the nice speed of a Need For Speed. DIRT Rally 2.0 is of course mainly on unpaved roads. Nice tearing through the mud. And that for next to nothing thanks to the Steam Winter Sale!

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