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Sponsored – 5 x why having an au pair at home is simply feasible

There is no shelter in the Netherlands where your child receives so much personal attention as with a sweet, reliable au pair. In addition to a super fun cultural exchange for everyone, it gives you a lot of flexibility. Only for the rich & famous? No, that’s not the case anymore.

Flexible childcare

No more stress about leaving work early to pick up your child from school, take them to the sports club and also get a healthy meal on the table quickly: an au pair gives you peace of mind and flexibility. Extra hands, both for you and your child, are of course always very welcome.

Help at home

An au pair is available 30 hours a week. Plays and helps with the children and where necessary with small tasks around the house and light housework. In this way, the household is also sailing smoothly in the meantime. You can enjoy your children even more in your free time. Nice family outing? Even then an au pair can come along for extra hands, an eye on things and lots of fun.

Hooray, a familiar face

All that hustle and bustle – and snot bubbles – at the daycare center in the morning is so nicely spared. Your child is still happily hopping around in pajamas when you have to go out or sleeping late – how luxurious. The au pair will take care of your children in their own home, so you will soon have a relaxed atmosphere. There is always one fixed face with personal attention. This is how they often become big buddies. Very nice.

Is it affordable?

More affordable than you think. You can have an au pair for 30 hours a week from €500 to €700 per month. You often pay more for the daycare. An au pair can really be for everyone – you just need an extra room in your house.

Only for VIPs – as many parents still think at the moment? That is no longer the case. A reliable au pair from is more feasible than you think and can be arranged within two months.

Cultural exchange and English

And au pair is from another country, so your children will learn about a new culture. So they get a word of English at a young age. And don’t worry, the au pair and your little ones can communicate well with each other, even if they don’t speak English yet.

Knowing more?

Book a free call and read more on the site. Both a babysitter and au pair can be booked via the fast app, which can now be downloaded for free in the Apple store or Google Play store. Go to nina.careplace your request or schedule a call for advice without obligation.

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