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Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Apkrig

Two of them now, two years later, benefit from the sequel Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which also seems more like a big expansion than a standalone title. But that is not necessarily to the detriment. What worked before, remained or was slightly improved by new elements. Fans of the previous episode will immediately feel at home – they will know how to agile and deftly get from one end of the street to the other and will use all the well-known basic tricks in combat, including finishers. The game will teach others and summarize the events of the previous game.

But Miles logically has a new range of movements and grips at his disposal, as a beginning Spider-Man he is a bit clumsy and does not inspire much confidence in the common people. New York is already aware that it has two Spider-Manes at its disposal, but there are statements from the crowd such as: “There is only one Spider-Man!” Not for long. Respectively, Spider-Man will really be the only one, but not the one the crowd thought.

Outburst: Fire test

After a short introduction, culminating in (again) a pacified Rhino, Peter Parker comes up with a disturbing news – as a photographic accompaniment, Mary Jane Watson travels to Europe for a few weeks to do a report for The Daily Bugle. Miles Morales thus becomes the only, initially immature defender of New York and, of course, a single day without Peter is enough and the situation begins to collapse like a house of cards.

Miles learns most things on the go and without his mentor, which allows him to grow much faster. The story of the game has an incredible gradient, so it is astonishing that he manages to draw individual characters in detail on such a short timeline. The plot introduces one negative after another (look forward to both Prowler and Tinkerer), makes several 180-degree turns, and manages to cover a part that the previous Spider-Man could not pay much attention to from the logic of the matter – the family.

Miles has lost his father, but he still has a loving and strong mother fighting for Harlem. He meets Phin’s best childhood friend, with whom he won scientific competitions, solves a complicated relationship with his uncle and his real partner is his partner Ganke Lee, who helps him with high-tech equipment and develops a mobile application for him. apples call for help.

The fact that Miles is just getting used to his new identity and deciding whether and how he should hide it from his loved ones is a very fresh experience after the experience with the seasoned and slightly numb Peter. The family circle adds to humanity’s humanity, and Christmas Eve dinner, during which he wins a gramophone and happily remembers the dead, warmly warms his heart.

When Miles doesn’t have time to waste

The basic plot of the story is perhaps the more common one: It revolves around a villain with good intentions but a bad attitude. However, as in Spider-Man from 2018, it is secondary. The more important story takes place in close proximity to the devilish company Roxxon and is much more personal. That’s why the people of New York have no idea about him and continue to live their carefree lives.

Eventually, you leave the story with a tear in your eye and a small smile on your face, as befits and belongs to the bittersweet conclusion. We enjoyed the main line and we are sorry that it is not a bit longer, because we would like to spend much more time with her characters. If you focus only on it, you can have it done in about 6-7 hours.

Fortunately, there are a large number of side missions, fighting crime and various activities, which together have enough strength to triple the game time. And then there’s the New Game + mode, in which you rise from level 20 to level 30, unlock three additional, otherwise unattainable abilities, and you may even be able to capture more valuable trophies.

Electrifying invisibility

In terms of gameplay, a few interesting news awaits you. Miles has a completely different skill tree than Peter, as everything revolves around his two new abilities, which he only became acquainted with after Peter’s departure for Europe. At first, his own body surprises him with the ability to generate electricity, then he learns to be completely invisible.

A sympathetic and charismatic hero, with whom you are on the same ship from beginning to end, with the help of electricity he deals good blows, which are also chained through more and more enemies. We have the feeling that Peter Parker himself would be terrified of Miles’s abilities, and he would even lose in a direct fight. In short, he is no longer the youngest …

Invisibility will help Miles again if he decides to steal. Stealth is a bit easier due to invisibility than in the original game (especially after improvements, when invisibility activates itself just before your discovery), but otherwise don’t expect much change in its area.

Once again, you will have to listen to the incredible cuddles of J. Jonah Jameson, who is well competed by a new podcast that discusses unexpected events in the right light without coloring and hatred. To deepen the experience even more, we recommend all ten of you to read the local social network, in which the authors got really serious.

The posts are very believable, realistic, full of hetters, chytrolins and people who have the only right opinion on everything. It may be a bit of a pity that the individual posts do not contain grammatical errors, which deprives them of a bit of authenticity, but otherwise it’s great fun if you want to get a little out of flying around the city and thrashing the bastards.

Comic book fans come first

There is also a proper service for fans in the form of luxury spider suits, including one cartoon and one jerky animated, paying tribute to the excellent film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales also worships several deceased greats, including the creator of the spider man Stan Lee and several times the representative of the film Black Panther Chadwick Boseman. New York is loaded with similar links and it is a pleasure to discover them.

Of course, there can also be a caption scene similar to the one from the previous Spider-Man, which confirms and prepares the fans for the plot of the next part of the spider saga. Morales’s adventure has simply been in full swing, and Parker is not ashamed at all. On the contrary, it subdues it in some areas. Areas that need to be discussed at the end of the review.

A real hero

Miles Morales may seem to be the real hero. But perhaps an even bigger river is Ganke, without whose application the people of New York would not be able to call for help. And an even bigger heroine is perhaps Miles’ mother Rio, who speaks out against criminals in public and without a mask. But for us personally, the biggest hero of all is the PlayStation 4. Yes, the old console, not the sung PS5.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales really benefits from the performance of the new console and shows us a beautiful and comfortable future, but the differences are not as huge as we might expect. With the option of prioritizing the visual side, really beautiful lighting effects await you, and ray tracing applied to the glistening surface of snowy city buildings does wonders. You will stop, enjoy and take pictures of individual scenes in photo mode.

However, the second mode, in which the game runs in 60 FPS without cingrlátky, looks no less contemporary, and the added value of fluency, which you will appreciate especially during a fast flight through the streets and in hectic duels, is not negligible. We were therefore torn between the two options and ultimately preferred speed to realistic mirroring of the concrete jungle, which has no such effect on the experience.

And that brings us to the PlayStation 4. There you can get a taste for 60 FPS and ray tracing (the game doesn’t even choose between graphics and performance mode), but it’s still one of the most beautiful games of this generation, which also doesn’t make the console the slightest problems.

We didn’t notice a single drop in the images and the PS4 Pro fans didn’t resemble the launch of a space shuttle like when testing Marvel’s Avengers. It will also surprise the loading speed, which is abysmal compared to the PS5, but we would expect it to be much worse. It takes you about half a minute to start the game on the PS4, while on the PlayStation 5 it is units of seconds.

The actual loading of missions, their restart or teleportation around New York on the PS5 completely does without loading screens. In the case of the PS4 Pro, the missions and their restart loaded for about five seconds, and when we had to travel quickly to the other end of the map, we sat in front of the loading screen for 10 seconds. And these are really decent values ​​for such old hardware and such a new and beautiful game.

When one version does not brake the other

The PlayStation 5 version is quite logically better in all technical respects, and you’ll also enjoy it with the DualSense controller, which makes non-aggressive sounds every time the web is launched, while its triggers solidify at that moment, giving you the feeling of a sticky rope. The haptic response then perfectly illustrates all events on the screen. Nevertheless, the PS4 version does not give a truncated impression and is well seconded to the new generation.

As a result, you have very little reason to wait until the PlayStation 5, if you didn’t get it in the first wave, and if you still have a PS4 at home. You can enjoy the game almost the same on older hardware, and thanks to the easy transfer of stored data, you can then get New Game + straight on the new console with faster loading, extremely quiet operation (you literally don’t know about PS5), nicer effects or higher FPS.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is an excellent game overall, regardless of the platform you have chosen. Technologically, it surprises on both consoles, on each of them in a different way. It is a great ending to an unforgettable generation and at the same time a good opener for the upcoming PlayStation 5, to which it predicts a beautiful and / or brisk future. We can’t wait for more games from Insomniac’s Spider-Man universe and we sincerely hope we didn’t see Miles Morales for the last time.

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