Sonos announces paid radio stations in HD

With the launch of Sonos Radio, Sonos discovered the world of radio for itself. Now the company has announced its fee-based Radio HD service for Germany and Austria, with which Sonos wants to reach even more users.

Sonos Radio launched on April 21, 2020. The service has also been available in Germany since June 3, 2020. Since then, over 60,000 different radio stations have been made available to users of Sonos sound systems free of charge. According to the company, this collection will now be further expanded and improved. However, for an extra charge, but without advertising.

“Sonos Radio HD” is the name of the service that has been available in the USA and Great Britain since November 12, 2020. Now the HD version is also coming to Germany and Austria. After a one-month test phase, customers pay EUR 7.99 per month. The new advertising-free streaming service offers exclusive content in HD quality from a wide variety of genres.

Sonos relies on experts and music stars

There are also radio stations that are completely dedicated to a specific artist. There is, for example, the radio station “The Lighthouse”, which was created in collaboration with US singer Brian Eno. Here Eno presents his own hits, but also gives private insights and shows previously unpublished recordings. Between the songs, the singer comments on his own songs and tells stories from his long career. This creates your own radio show with musical and entertaining elements.

In addition, Sonos has set itself the goal of delving deeper into different genres and the associated scene. For this purpose, songs are specially curated by DJs and music critics from the respective scene.

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“Sonos Radio HD offers the Sonos community even more choice and better sound. We continue to innovate so that Sonos users can enjoy their favorite audio content more easily and better at home. Sonos Radio is a perfect example of the new sound experience that we can offer thanks to our platform consisting of hardware, software and services, “says CEO Patrick Spence about the introduction of Sonos Radio HD. For Sonos, the paid service is the first source of income beyond hardware.

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