“Smart” RGB light in 5 ways

Welcome to the next issue of tips on interesting goods from Chinese stores. Today we will shine a lot on it, because we have chosen for you five interesting pieces from the category of smart RGB lights. And when we write “smart”, we mean at least the possibility of control through mobile applications. However, some devices may even be able to play audio or communicate with voice assistants.

European warehouses, tax and customs

The AliExpress sales portal has already started to make direct use of direct taxation in the European Economic Area, which, from the point of view of Czech customers, has essentially preceded the forthcoming domestic law. Below the price of the goods, you can see the sentence “Price includes VAT” or confirmation that the value already includes tax. But keep in mind that goods worth over 150 euros also include customs duties.

RGB LED strip with Bluetooth and WiFi control

Classic color tape in the SMD 5050 standard in several available lengths, which can be ordered in a version with Bluetooth control, or a module for connection via WiFi. It is a very popular product, with AliExpress it has over 60,000 orders and a 4.8 star rating.

Price: from 300 CZK

Light with sky projection (and sound)

A handy little flashlight that will make a great show not only in the children’s room. It has 15 different modes, can transmit eight sounds and can communicate with smart assistants. In this case, it can also fall into the category of smart lighting, it can also be controlled by a mobile phone.

Price: 840 CZK

Round ceiling RGB light with speaker

Personal recommendation of the editor (he already has two pieces on the ceiling at home). With 80W of light output, the possibility of dimming and also a relatively decent speaker, it is a great non-traditional lighting not only for the children’s room, but also for the living room or office. If you want to wait for a better price, it is quite often in action.

Price: 750 CZK

Lamp with sunset effect

Simple in design and at the same time very interesting device in light, which simulates the light of the setting sun. Colors and styles can be changed in the application. The manufacturer boasts quality metal processing, which should differentiate the lamp from the competition. The rating is very high after more than five thousand orders. The price is valid for the variant with 16 colors.

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Marek Houser

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Price: 440 CZK

Bluetooth RGB E27 bulb

Bulb into the “classic” thread in most Czech households. The version with mobile control handles lighting with cold and cold white and also in RGB. With fifteen watts, this is a decent light source that you don’t have to be afraid to mount in places where you need to see well.

Price: 125 CZK

Other attractions with a price up to 300 CZK

A selection of other products that cost a few crowns. Even so, they could make your life easier or more pleasant, so check them out.

product price
RGB toilet light 100 CZK
SONOFF Basic R2 Mini switch 130 CZK
Selfie stick with tripod 220 CZK
Folding photo light box 120 CZK
Metal strap for Mi Band from 130 CZK
Sports 22mm watch strap 60 CZK
Mobile phone holder for tripod thread 85 CZK

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