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Recenze The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD » Vortex

15. 7. 2021

Nintendo has returned to 10-year-old Zelda for the Wii with the subtitle Skyward Sword. Developed in collaboration with the Australian company Tantalus, its HD remaster offers a whole host of innovations and is definitely not a cheap and lazy update. Over time, the game itself passed the test very well. However, even conscientious developers did not manage to avoid a few unnecessary oversteps in the Switch version, due to which the resulting mark is slightly lower than it might otherwise be. You can find out the rest in our video review above.

  • Generous length and durability
  • Two different ways to control
  • Fun motion control and combat system
  • Excellent puzzles
  • Stylizovaná graphics nezestárla
  • Technically, the port is very well designed
  • New auto-save feature
  • Possibility to move the camera freely
  • Advice from Fi on request
  • Ability to speed up dialogues and skip cut scenes
  • It costs full price as a novelty
  • Frequent correction and calibration of motion control required
  • Paid Amiibo as a locked fast travel
  • A bit of complete dubbing is a bit missing
  • Button operation is not entirely ideal
  • Transitions between locations could be smoother

An honest HD remaster with a few seemingly small but very useful and practical innovations makes the slightly overlooked title The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword a very current adventure that definitely has the potential to appeal not only to witnesses but also to brand new Wii players, or they haven’t even played 10 years ago.

8 Verdict

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