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The Czech giant will now alert users to disinformation websites. So these are the ones that can potentially spread fake news and hoaxes, of which there are unfortunately a large number today. So it’s definitely in place and we give it a thumbs up. will draw attention to disinformation websites

List informed about this fact on his blog. This is another activity that significantly contributes to increasing user protection against this type of content. “Misinformation has become an everyday part of Internet content, and the average user may no longer be sure what to believe. That’s why we’ve decided to start raising awareness of the most common conspiracy theories in the List and identifying the sites that are most involved in spreading them in search results. But we do not stick only to the label. For each site in the info card, we explain the main reasons why a user should be careful when consuming that content. ” explains Tomáš Peroutka, product manager of

In addition, we appreciate that this alert can be turned off. This type of content will make this type of content inaccessible to you, and you will often not be able to access it through its search engine. In our opinion, everyone should be free to decide what they want to read and what they do not.

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