save data on vacation with these Lite apps

This time not just one app, but a list of handy Lite apps to save data while you’re on vacation. You may have to compromise on ease of use, but it does mean that the data bundle for abroad can last a little longer. Would you like to know which Lite apps we have on offer? Then read on.

Lite apps from Google and Facebook

Emerging markets like India have had access to Lite apps for much longer. Such apps are made to work in locations with poor internet connectivity. In addition, you often need less storage memory for Lite apps; it concerns apps developed for Google’s Android Go. Fortunately, the apps are available for all phones, so you don’t have to be in possession of such an Android Go device to save data and storage memory.

Then of course the question is what makes the apps so special compared to full apps from Google and Facebook, for example. This differs per app, but as a short explanation you can say that your regular app collects data for text, photos and videos itself from Facebook’s servers, in addition, the app is much more extensively equipped. On the one hand, this equipment takes up storage, but often the app also has to retrieve extra data for such functions, which means that the data consumption is higher. Facebook Lite is a much simpler app and loads a mobile version of the website, as it were. That website costs less data to load, so you can immediately save data.

Below we have made a selection of Lite apps that you should not forget to download if you go on holiday at home and abroad with a limited data bundle.

Facebook Lite

If a holiday without Facebook is just too much to ask, you can download Facebook Lite to save data. According to Facebook, the Lite app is the fastest Facebook app available in Google’s Play Store, taking advantage of all the data-saving measures. You can even increase the data savings through the settings of the app by lowering the quality of photos and videos and turning off automatic video playback. This should allow the Facebook app to work on 2G networks, Facebook reports in the Play Store.

> Download via this link the Facebook Lite app.

Messenger Lite

For extended functionalities, you should not look around in the Messenger Lite app from Facebook. Games such as you may know from the regular Messenger app on Android, you will not find in the Lite version. That makes the app very clear, with three tabs at the top for conversations, your (Facebook) contacts and finally the Messenger Lite settings. Chats themselves seem almost identical to the regular app. Still, the Lite app saves data and takes up less storage space. Especially if you are going to make video calls, the data usage can quickly add up, something the Messenger Lite app tries to prevent.

> Download via this link the Messenger Lite app.

Apps of the Week: Save data on vacation with these Lite apps

Google Maps Go

If you are going to navigate at home and abroad, you can of course use a navigation system for this, or the Here app that offers completely offline navigation. Do you prefer to use the Google Maps app, but do you want to save data? Then you can choose to download maps on your phone, or you can use the Google Maps Go app in the Play Store. As soon as you open Maps Go, a notification will appear that the app is running in Google Chrome. Like Facebook Lite, Maps Go is a ‘shell’ around the website. To navigate, you need to download a Navigation for Google Maps Go extension in addition to Maps Go.

> Download via this link the Google Maps Go app.

Apps of the Week: Save data on vacation with these Lite apps

YouTube Go

Who are the biggest data guzzlers on vacation? That’s right: streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. If you have a strong data connection, the app can even automatically increase the quality and the app uses even more (mobile) data. YouTube Go can help counter this by “acting” as a data compressor. When watching videos, you can select how much mobile data a video is allowed to use and you can even watch videos offline, for example by downloading a video via WiFi and watching it later. A disadvantage of the YouTube Go app is that it is currently not available in the Play Store, and must therefore be installed as a separate APK.

> Download via this link the YouTube Go app.

Apps of the Week: Save data on vacation with these Lite apps

Other Useful Lite Apps

Apps that didn’t make it to the above list but might be of interest include Line Lite, as well as Pinterest Lite, Google Go, and Assistant Go. Some apps are available in the Play Store, while others – specifically YouTube Go and Spotify Go – can be installed as APK on your phone. Do you sometimes use Lite apps? Be sure to let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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