Return to Silent Hill is coming back

Return to Silent Hill is coming back

Horror fans anxiously await 2023, the year that Return to Silent Hill will be released. And the good news: a trailer is already available, so we can get some creeps in advance.

The becoming of a horror phenomenon

Silent Hill (2006) movie poster. Source Wikipedia

Silent Hill started as a Japanese video game in 1999. This video game was very popular with horror fans at home and abroad, resulting in game after game. at the moment there are around 20 Silent Hill video games. the story behind the film begins with the main character Harry Mason, who is looking for his missing adopted daughter in the mysterious town of Silent Hill, in the New England region of the northeastern United States. He stumbles upon a gruesome ritual of a local cult and discovers where his daughter really comes from.

The first film adaptation of the video game series was in 2006. It was directed by Christophe Gans, more or less following the plot line of the video game series. Avary used the eternally burning city of Centralia in Pennsylvania as the setting for the film. An unquenchable coal fire rages under this abandoned city, which of course makes the city ideal for horror films. This film also becomes a success, just like the video games, although the real appreciation comes many years later.

In 2012 there will be a low budget sequel, Silent Hill: Revelation, with a different director, who deviates quite strongly from the character of the series. The Japanese Konami was not happy with this, because this affected the character of the series quite a bit. That is why they insisted that they would be more closely involved in the sequel to this series, and that Gans would return. This has now also happened.

Return to Silent Hill, plot hints

Nothing is as annoying as spoilers, so we can only lift a few corners of the veil. Broadly speaking, the Return to Silent Hill movie will follow the story of the second Silent Hill game. Well-known monsters, such as the Pyramid Head, will make their appearance again, but adapted for the new version. You can find more information in the trailer below.

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