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Realme brings Dynamic Island clone to Android for the first time

It is not Xiaomi’s latest smartphone that will be the first to get a Dynamic Island, but a Realme phone. This is how this Dynamic Island clone works on the Realme C55.

Dynamic Island from Realme

The Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 shows all your notifications in a pop-up around the camera notch. If you tap them they will be enlarged on the screen. Many Android phones are moving away from the classic ‘notch’ and come with a smaller notch in the screen for the camera. That’s probably why we don’t see a Dynamic Island clone on Android phones.

Still, Realme sees good reason to clone and market Apple’s Dynamic Island as one of the key features of its new phone. That is the Realme C55 launched in Indonesia. Realme calls its Dynamic Island clone ‘Mini Capsule’

You can see at 0:23 seconds in the video below how this clone works. Mini Capsule takes over the space around the camera notch when it’s time to display notifications, charging status and other information. Mini Capsule will be expanded in the future with more options such as a pedometer and data usage.

In the end, Mini Capsule is just part of the software. With its Dynamic Island, Apple makes smart use of the place where the sensors and selfie camera are incorporated.

Are you charmed by the Dynamic Island clone on the Realme C55. According to the CEO of Realme Europe, Francis Wong, the phone will also come to Europe. It is not known whether the Netherlands and Belgium are also included. Can’t wait? Then you can put a Dynamic Island on your Android with the DynamicSpot app.

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