Privacy tip: this is how you delete Google Assistant conversations

It is now possible to have your web and app activity, location history, and YouTube history deleted after a certain period of time, but you can also delete Google Assistant conversations. This is especially useful if the clever helper has inadvertently overheard a conversation that it should not hear. This way you can delete the conversations with the Google Assistant in a single step.

Delete conversations with the Google Assistant

The Google Assistant stores all your previous activities, for example to remember what your interests are and to be able to give responses that are more tailored to you. You can view or delete your past activities at any time.

You can also do that easily via a voice command. You say ‘Ok Google’ to activate the smart assistant and then you ask ‘Delete the last thing I said to you’ or ‘Delete everything I said to you last week.’ This way you can quickly delete saved Google Assistant activities without having to dive into the Google app or dig through your Google account.

You can also say:

  1. “Hey Google, delete my last conversation.”
  2. “Hey Google, delete today’s activity.”
  3. “Hey Google, delete this week’s activity.”
  4. “Hey Google, that wasn’t for you.” This will delete what you said last.

Do you want to delete more than a week of data? Then you can not get along with these voice commands. Google Assistant will redirect you to your Google account or the Google app to delete data there.

Privacy tip: this is how you delete Google Assistant conversations

Delete more personal data in Google

You can delete personal information collected by Google (automatically after 3 or 18 months) by following the web and app activity steps in this article or through your Google account. To automatically delete your YouTube history, you can follow these steps. What do you think of these privacy tools from Google? Do you ever use them or is Google allowed to collect all data from you? Let us know in the comments below this article.

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