Otto sells balcony power plants with 820 watts and WiFi function even cheaper

Otto sells balcony power plants with 820 watts and WiFi function even cheaper

If you want to reduce your electricity costs, then a balcony power plant is a good option. Recently, the prices for mini solar systems have fallen significantly. Now you can get a complete set from Otto at an attractive price. But there is also a cheaper way.

Balcony power plant cheap to have at Otto

The prices for balcony power plants are becoming more and more attractive. You can currently get a set from VENDOMNIA from Otto for only 580 euros (look at Otto). Fortunately, there are no shipping costs for delivery by freight forwarder, so you really only have to pay 580 euros. Anything under 600 euros is currently a good price. If you want to save a few more euros, then you can take a look at the net.

VENDOMNIA solar system balcony power plant 2 x 410 W set 820 W / 600 W, mini-PV system monocrystalline, (2

The price may be higher now. Price as of 4/13/2023 7:58 p.m

The special thing about Otto’s offer is that you get powerful solar cells with 410 watts each, i.e. 820 watts in total. The inverter also has a WLAN interface and you can use the data of the Read out the mini solar system directly via an app. You often need a WiFi socket to get the information. Everything is already integrated here and much simpler. Otherwise there is still the connection cable, so that you can simply connect the balcony power plant to the socket.

This is what you need to know about balcony power plants:

What else you need for your balcony power plant

If you order such a balcony power plant, you will get the solar cells, cables and the inverter, but it missing a bracket. Since such a mini solar system can be installed not only on the balcony but also on a garden shed, there are many different solutions. It’s best to have a look at Otto’s, they offer different mounts (check out Otto’s).

Otherwise you should extension cable to connect the inverter to the solar panels. The installed cables are usually too short, so you can’t get to them. MC4 cables are available cheaply from Amazon (check out Amazon). Usually one or two meters is enough. However, it always depends on how far away the inverter is attached from the solar cells.

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