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OnePlus watches and WearOS? The head of the company spoke and confused the situation even more

They will. They won’t. They will! The behind-the-scenes information about the OnePlus smart watch is like on a swing. At one point, the specifications were discussed, then the project was reportedly sent to the ice again. But a few days ago The head of the company, Pete Lau, tried to clarify the situation around the OnePlus watch. It is said that Chinese society is really preparing them. Together with the statement about their development, however, the representative of this brand launched another wave of chaos. In connection with the watch he also mentioned work on WearOS, which the public interpreted as an announcement that this system would be on the watch. In the following statements, the company has already stated that the development of OnePlus Watch (unofficial name) and participation in the development of Wear OS do not confirm that this product and software belong together.

Wear OS by Google Smartwatch (was Android Wear)

Are you confused? We too. Why would a Chinese company help Google develop a system that it wouldn’t use? Hard to say. However, Pete Lau explained how he perceived the cooperation. “Wear OS definitely has room for improvement. We want to Google help with tightening connectivity with phones and Android TV so that the whole ecosystem works better. The interest in this case is mutual, so this is the path we want to take. But we can’t say anything else about that, “described the head of OnePlus.

The situation is also complicated by the fact that Google continues to have official and legal difficulties with the acquisition of Fitbit, under whose brand wanted to sell his own watch. The theoretical OnePlus Watch with Wear OS does not necessarily represent just the development of one dozen other products, but the setting of a completely new direction for the “wearables” system from Google.

How do you perceive the qualities of WearOS so far?

Source: 9to5

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