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No more electric cars as we know them: Mercedes will say goodbye soon

Mercedes is planning a big change for the premium brand’s e-cars. As early as next year, the Stromer should change fundamentally. At first glance, this could even appear to customers as if they have completely disappeared.

Mercedes wants to stamp out e-car names: EQ series disappears

Mercedes wants his Put an end to e-car brand “EQ”. The previous electric cars with the star all drive under this abbreviation: they call themselves EQA, EQB, EQC, EQE, EQV and EQS, each as a purely electric counterpart to the well-known names A to S Class. Then there is the EQXX concept car, the efficiency king. But the label EQ for electric cars will probably disappear soon. What will happen to the e-cars then?

Mercedes doesn’t give them up, on the contrary. The people of Stuttgart attach great importance to the conversion of their offer and want to make the switch to electric drive quickly. The future at Mercedes should be electric and nothing else. If you only offer e-cars in the future, why do they need a special name? After all, there should be nothing else that the Stromer would have to differentiate themselves from. It could 2024 for the EQ models it’s over again be, as the Handelsblatt claims to have learned from business circles (via Reuters).

Lease an e-car and collect an environmental bonus

VW, on the other hand, sees things differently. Brand boss Thomas Schäfer recently stated that the Wolfsburg-based company wants to continue with old model names such as the Golf and that the ID series is a strong brand name.

There will be new rules for e-car buyers in 2023:

E-cars take over the wheel, but combustion engines remain

However, Mercedes is not making a multi-year leap forward at the end of the combustion engine. Instead, it is to be expected that the carmaker will simply assign one name per model. Then there would only be the S-Class as the top model. When buying Mercedes customers decide which type of drive they choose. That wouldn’t change anything about the name of the model.

However, Mercedes has not officially confirmed this plan. By the end of the decade, the premium manufacturer wants to be completely electric. In the course of this, the positioning of models and brands should also be checked. But let it be too early for details it says on the part of the Stuttgart.

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