NHL on Frostbit, performance of Call of Duty, remaster of Quaka, problems of Frostpunk 2 and Skyrim on next-gene -apkrig

We have a literally crowded week behind us. The games themselves, events, various announcements rolled in from all sides, until one feels like in the middle of the season. And that’s what Gamescom is starting next week.

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List of topics

01:08 – The NHL series changes the engine after seven years, it will run on Frostbit. The developers have released the first trailer. The changes will affect graphics, animations and player behavior. NHL 22 will be released in October

08:25 – Watch the first trailer of Call of Duty: Vanguard. The developers confirmed the plan, the release date and revealed the first portion of details about the merger with Warzone

21:26 – Bethesda announced and immediately released a remaster of Quaka. An improved version was prepared by the Night Dive studio. The authors of Wolf added a new episode

25:38 – Skyrim celebrates its 10th anniversary with another special edition. It will bring all the content of the Creation Club. The game will also receive a free next-gen update

29:39 – Deathloop offers tactical warfare in PvP mode. Arkane developers have introduced a multiplayer component of the upcoming sandbox event

34:48 – The Monkey King is reminiscent of fantastic footage from the game. Black Myth: Wu Kong originates on Unreal Engine 5. Chinese developers are finally traveling to the West

40:01 – The authors of Frostpunk 2 vigorously opposed the resellers. Their game doesn’t even have a price tag yet, and it’s already sold on Kinguin. Stop it, the studio is calling 11bit

45:41 – Timetable: Syberia: The World Before release, WarioWare demo: Get It Together and the beginning of the open beta Diablo II: Resurrected

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