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New this week on Netflix, Videoland, HBO Max, Disney+ and Pathé Thuis (week 21)

It’s the weekend again and then we’re only too happy to immerse ourselves in all the beauty that the streaming services have in store for us. From movies and series to audiobooks on Storytel, New This Week has it all. Here you will discover the best new films, series and audio books.

Pathe Home

Read an extra tip for Pathé Thuis here.


After a catastrophic crash, pilot Mills and Koa, the only other survivor, learn that they crash-landed on Earth 65 million years ago. They must survive among the dangerous, prehistoric creatures.

→ 65 look

Scream VI

Sam, along with her friends, survived Ghostface’s attacks. They decide to leave Woodsboro to make a fresh start. But arriving in New York, Ghostface turns up again.

→ Watch Scream VI

Asterix & Obelix in the Middle Kingdom

50 years before Christ, the Empress of China is captured after a coup by the Prince Deng Tsin Qin. Her daughter manages to escape and goes to Gaul in search of the brave warriors Asterix and Obelix.

→ Watch Asterix & Obelix in the Middle Kingdom


FUBAR (season 1)

Luke and his daughter Emma have lied to each other for years, both unaware that the other is a CIA agent. Once they both discover the truth, they realize that they actually know nothing about each other.

→ Watch Fubar

Rabo de Peixe (season 1)

When a boat full of cocaine sinks off the coast of his island, Eduardo sees it as a risky but exciting opportunity to make money and fulfill his wildest dreams.

→ Watch Rabo de Peixe


Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Now possessing the powers of the gods, it’s hard for Billy Batson and the other kids in his foster family to be normal teenagers. But when three ancient gods are out for revenge, they must fight for their superpowers.

→ Shazam! Watch Fury of the Gods

Amazon Prime Video

The IRT Affair (season 1)

In the hunt for the top criminals, the Dutch government decides to import drugs itself in the nineties in order to map out and round up the underworld. Large-scale drug trafficking and corruption is the result. A wonderful true story about how the government became the largest drug dealer in Europe.

→ Watch The IRT Affair

The Blockchain Life (season 1)

In ‘The Blockchain Life’ we dive into all things crypto and talk to some of the biggest players in the market. This series is the most comprehensive look at crypto ever.

→ Watch The Blockchain Life

Sky Showtime

Fatal Attraction (S01E01-E03)

Fatal Attraction is a profound reinterpretation of the classic psychosexual thriller and cultural phenomenon of the 1980s. The series explores fatal attraction and timeless themes of marriage and adultery through the lens of modern conceptions of strong women, personality disorders and compulsive control. Starring Joshua Jackson as Dan Gallagher and Lizzy Caplan as Alex Forrest.

→ Watch Fatal Attaction


Empire of Light

A British coastal town in the 1980s. The lonely, tormented Hilary, who suffers from schizophrenia, runs the cinema Empire. When the new employee Stephen arrives at the complex, a relationship develops between them.

→ Watch Empire of Light


Ingrid Visser: Her Top Sports Life and Her Tragic Death

Nobody played as many international matches (514) as volleyball player Ingrid Visser (35). Yet most people know her name because of her life in Murcia. After a failed business deal, she and her partner Lodewijk Severein were murdered here in 2013. This book is about the life and death of an extraordinary sportswoman. Her seventeen years in top sport and how could it have gone so horribly wrong?

→ Ingrid Visser: Watching Her Top Sports Life and Her Tragic Death

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We have already given you a nice selection of the new range of streaming services, but there is of course much more New This Week. Are you looking for other new movies, series and music on these streaming networks? On our sister site Nieuw Deze Week you will find everything that is new on Netflix, Film1, Videoland, Ziggo, HBO Max, Pathé Thuis, Spotify and more! Our Belgian readers can visit Nieuw for the latest films and series on Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video.

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